Be a great wingman for your friend

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Be a great wingman for your friend

Posted OnJune 8, 2017 1

Your friend has just broken up with her partner or maybe she needs a partner but she does not know anyone with whom she can catch up or can have fun, maybe she has winged for you last week and now you have to return the favour. And as a friend you should help her in getting her a new partner, as this is what you are supposed to do. So you have to keep in mind some things so that you can get a good and decent partner for your friend. Let us discuss these 5 ways to be a great woman for your female friends. It is very important for you to always date with a perfect partner. You can easily select a partner as per your own needs. Dating is the time when you spend some memorable moments with your dream partner with love and care.

When you come up with the boys make sure that they notice your friend first. You should be the one who introduce your male friends to your friend and let your friend take the lead. If there is only one boy, you can let her talk to him first and then join them later. Think of yourself as a half bodyguard. If other guys try to disturb your female friend you should come in between to handle the situation. You should know when to shut up and when to talk. Do not interrupt your friend when she is talking. If it does get a little quiet, don’t say “Now this is awkward…” Just speak up and roll with it. And please do not get distracted. It may be the case when you see a hot boy and you want his attention, you should know your role.

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